Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Things Never Change

The top picture is Camdyn when we went camping in California when she was 12 months old. The bottom picture is our current camping trip of Camdyn. Some Things Never Change!

Colorado Trip - Part 2

The second part of our trip, we met up with Craig's brother and his family up on the Mesa about an hour away from Grand Junction, CO. We camped in tents for three nights. During the day the temperatures were in the 70's and at night it got into the 40's. It was great camping weather. Nothing like Oklahoma. The first night we hung out at our camp site and went canoeing on the lake. The next day we drove around the Mesa looking at lakes and the scenery. It was beautiful! So many lakes. We found a random lake and canoed it for awhile. We drove to another lake (Eggleston) and took a hike. And then we went to another lake (Island Lake) and canoed around it. The second full day, we went to a fish hatchery and then drove up to the Black Canyon. Although it was beautiful, I almost had a heart attack because there wasn't a good fence. On the way back we stopped by a river to let the kids play in the water. Nothing like sitting back and relaxing with no worries, enjoying the nature God made and watching your kids get filthy.

Colorado Trip - Part 1

We left on July 3rd for our summer vacation. We drove to Nebraska to spend the weekend with my parents. The town firework show was to be on July 3rd. Because of thunderstorms they postponed the show until the 5th, so for the 2nd year in a row we missed the show. We did get to do our own and watched the other neighbors do their. On Sunday we drove the eleven hours out to Delta, Colorado. About 1 1/2 hours away(about 10 p.m.) our car started making a weird sound. For the rest of the way we drove about 45 m.p.h. The next day Craig spent half the day trying to fix it. We did get to see some beautiful parts of Western Colorado. We went to Ouray, where we went on a small hike, with seven children five and under. We hiked up to the "baby bathtubs" and got to play in the stream for awhile. The water was freezing, but the kids didn't care. After our hike we went to the hot springs and did a little swimming. We had a great time in Delta and sad it will be our last time to go out there, but are excited that my sister is moving to Edmond!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camdyn's 5th Birthday Party

This year Camdyn had a Princess Tea Party for her 5th Birthday. Everyone came dressed as a princess and when they arrived they got make-up on, nails painted, tiarras and earrings on. Each girl got to decorate a crown and a bag. We played a game where each princess took off their shoe and I hid them. Then they went to find the shoe that matched. It wasn't much of a tea party, but the girls had fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Antonio '09

This year I decided that I along with all three kids would tag along with Craig to San Antonio. He went down there for work, so we made a little vacation out of it. On the trip down we stayed with some friends in the Dallas area, who just recently moved down there. It was a great stopping point for our long trip. Glad the Tindles were up for some company, with a newborn and a new home. Thanks! The next day we left early enough to make it to Sea World for a couple of hours. We saw the Viva show (dolphins) and the Believe show (Shamu) the first day. The next three days I was stuck in the hotel room with all three kids by myself, no vehicle. It was actually a one-bedroom suite, so it wasn't entirely crowded. Every night after Craig got off work, we went to the hotel pool and swam. The kids got good at doing tricks. Friday after Craig got off work, we went back to SeaWorld and rode some rides and tried to see the Sea Lion show, but it started raining and cancelled the show along with the rides. We left for the day and went back on Saturday. We saw the 4-D pirate show (which the kids disliked very much) and the Viva show again. Camdyn and Carter rode their first roller coaster and both loved it. We then went to the water park and spent several hours there. After a long day at Sea World we drove to Austin where we stayed with some family friends who had also invited some college friends over. We had a good visit with the Ellis's and Heijls! On the last stretch home we stopped by the Bedicheks in the Fort Worth area and visited with them for a couple of hours. The kids played together really well. It was a good trip! Thanks to everyone who let us take a break at your house.

More Random Pics

Collin's 1st Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Collin's 1st Birthday! Laura's parents came down and we celebrated Collin's and Laura's Dads birthdays, although Collin got all the presents. Sorry Roger. Collin enjoyed the cake a lot more than either of his siblings, but didn't care for the presents.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009


Here are a few pics from December including Craig's graduation, playing in the snow in Nebraska and other random pics.